Specifications Development and Prototyping: A system is only as good as it’s specification. We will work with you to develop professional specifications and proof of concept prototypes to give you the confidence that the design will work and will be delivered on time and within budget.

Design Engineering: PrimeCore Systems, Inc. can design both large and small automated systems for test and measurement. Our design services include platform selection, data acquisition hardware recommendation, sensor specification, computer selection, electrical and wiring design, and basic mechanical design.

Software Development and Integration: We can tackle any size of software project using advanced scalable architectures and impeccable code techniques. Our “hands-on” staff is well versed in troubleshooting complex systems, integrating software with instruments, interfaces, and electronics.

Training, Consulting, and Support: PrimeCore Systems, Inc. can help you on your path by offering in-house LabVIEW training and support. Our staff includes several National Instruments Certified LabVIEW trainers. Let us help you start your large software projects right by setting up excellent coding techniques, architectures, and revision control procedures.