ZTEC Instruments is a pioneering modular instrument company whose product focus is oscilloscopes and function generators. ZTEC products are unique in that they provide powerful benchtop instrument capabilities in modular instrument form factors, including PCI, CompactPCI/PXI, VXI, and LAN. For more information about ZTEC Instruments and how our products can address your test and measurement needs, please visit www.ztecinstruments.com.

Pickering Interfaces offers the widest switching module range available today, ideal for Functional Test and Data Aqcuisition applications. They offer ultra-dense switching modules in PXI, PCI, VXI, and GPIB. Models are available for RF, Mid to Low Frequency signals, Optical, and Power applictaions. PrimeCore Systems has developed driver software for Pickering and has integrated many of their systems. We are an approved systems integrator and Value Added Reseller for Pickering.

National Instruments is the industry leader in PC based measurement and automation. PrimeCore has extensive experience integrating their software and hardware products. We are members of their alliance program.